Rules & Guidelines

Any rules?

- Play safe.

- Be kind and courteous and respectful.

- Horses may compete in multiple “divisions” of classes, with different riders. Riders may compete the same horse in any two consecutive divisions (ie. leadline and walk/trot, or walk/trot and walk/trot/canter, or walk/trot/canter/first level). Riders may compete different horses in any divisions. Everyone is encouraged to compete in the open classes.

If the same rider wins multiple divisions on the same horse, the year-end award will be given to the rider in the highest division it successfully completed.

- If you have questions, please ask!

- The organizers have the right to cancel, restructure or run multiple classes together, at their discretion.

Wait! You said year end awards?! Yes! Stay tuned!

Are there ribbons? YES!


How soon do I need to enter?  You are totally welcome to send entries in in advance, but the day of is ok too. Space will be semi-limited in the Open Ride-A-Test portion of the day (9 am til 12), so do register early to avoid disappointment. The group rail classes will follow a hunter-style show format, of one class after the other. Leadline classes will not start no earlier than 12.30 p.m. 


Do I need any memberships? The rules say you need proof of OE insurance to ride on the farm, so make sure to bring you card and have the membership number handy. Visit for more info.


Do I need proper dressage attire? Heck no. Look clean and tidy and presentable. Make sure you’re wearing a properly fitted helmet. If you want to test out your new whites, however, we will admire how amazing the bedazzled pockets look and have extreme breeches-envy, though. Do what makes it most fun for you! 


Do I need to braid my horse? Naw. Just make sure he or she is healthy and clean. This is a good opportunity to practise, however, so your coach doesn’t have to be too mortified by your developing braiding skills at the recognized show (or so you have time to make arrangements for a braider!)


Do you offer stabling? We have very limited stabling available for $30 per day. Please make arrangements well in advance to secure your stall.


What if I don’t have a stall? You got this! Bring a friend to hold your horse while you run to the Porta-Potty, and offer to buy them lunch in exchange for their help. 


Is dressage showing always this fun? It sure is!

How do I pay for my classes? Cash day of the show, or in advance at Effingham Stables. 


How do I get more info?  Call or text Jenny at Effingham Stables at 705.562.3187 or email

Jenny Jelen Equestrian at Effingham Stables


2366 Effingham Street, Ridgeville, Ont. L0S 1M0

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