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About Jenny

Jenny Jelen is a passionate three day event rider, who enjoys developing dressage horses and show jumpers as well. She has successfully ridden up to the Preliminary level, and competed in both Canada and the US. Jenny enjoys the journey of developing horses from the ground up, introducing them to their "firsts" and helping them grow from there. She has done a considerable amount of work with young horses, and has ridden and coached riders in all three equestrian sports (eventing, dressage and jumpers). She is positive and enthusiastic, and brings that energy to everything she does.


Jenny's riding resume includes a top five finish at the OHTA Champs - Preliminary division on a horse she developed from a ground up, solid scores in the Young Horse development classes in the Dressage ring, multiple trips to the Royal Winter Fair to compete in the Governor General's Cup Classes and Sport Pony, and she's ridden with a number of leading Canadian and North American riders who have helped further her skills and abilities. Her students have been successful at events, dressage shows and in the jumpers. 


Prior to horsing around full time, Jenny was a newspaper reporter in her hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. She co-authored a book called Spooky Sudbury, and once beat Randy from Trailer Park Boys in a (vegetarian) cheeseburger eating contest. 


Jenny is excited to be working closely with Jeff Brown, her partner in crime and horses. Jeff is a hay and cattle farmer who is quickly learning to love horses and riding.

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