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A busy season

It's been a wonderful season; The Effingham crew has been busy competing, participating in clinics, riding, training and improving themselves and their horses.

As the fall season winds down, we are pleased to report some excellent results in dressage and eventing, with riders competing in Dressage Niagara, Caledon Dressage, Dressage Days, SOCTA and OEA events, as well as our in-house events. Existing teams polished their performances, new partnerships emerged, and some riders have re-evaluated their ambitions and set exciting new goals.

Jenny Jelen Equestrian and Effingham Stables are continuing to move towards improving their skills, and offering the best experience possible for lesson students, boarders, training clients and sales horses.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this exciting season! Stay tuned for more adventures.

Brent & Gamble at West Croft

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