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Congrats Dressage Niagara riders

The Effingham team cleaned up at the Dressage Niagara Awards Banquet on Oct. 20, 2019.

Congrats to everyone from the barn family who participated in the show series, and to those who brought home awards.

Silver Training Level Champ - Sue Wyrcimaga & All Of My Heart

Silver Training Level Reserve Champ - Kerry Maddocks & Backyard Pony

Silver Second Level Champ - Jenny Jelen & Cheryl Semotok's Let's Be Frank

Bronze Training Level Reserve Champ - JR - Sophie Della Manna & East Side

Bronze Intro Reserve Champ - JR - Liana Spies & The Great White

Bronze Intro Reserve Champ - Joan Bellaire & Man in the Moon

Bronze Intro Champ - JR - Hailey Jaques

Bronze Training Level Champ - JR - Bella White & Misbehaving Guest (not pictured)

Team Challenge - The Effingham Four - Liana Spies, Hailey Jaques, Jill Troyer & Joan Bellaire

Perfect 8 Rider Position Award - Kerry Maddocks, Jenny Jelen & Joan Bellaire

Volunteer of the Year - Isabella White

Special Recognition Award - Kerry Maddocks, for always being positive and encouraging her fellow competitors and being such a positive example; Liana Spies & Hailey Jaques, for competing on silly ponies, and not letting their antics ruin their fun!

Go team!

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