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Exciting News!

Sometimes I can't believe how amazing real life is...

As most you know, this fall I acquired the ride on my dream horse. I've had a horse-crush on Triple H Farm's Daccardi V from the moment I met him last year. This big guy is classy, talented and ready to get serious about his eventing career. There were lots of happy tears when his owners asked if I'd like to work with him. Daccardi and I have spent the last six weeks getting to know each other before we head south for the winter season, and I'm happy to report we've made some excellent progress with many thanks to good help, and I'm ridiculously excited about the relationship we are building.

The downside to getting a new event horse is the inevitable horror that soon follows when you try to tack it up and realize nothing in the tack room comes close to fitting. About the time I started to panic, I was met with an amazing call from Alissa at CWD, asking if I would be interested in working with them.

I can't even begin to explain how much Daccardi and I LOVE the saddles we tried. Alissa hooked us up with a fabulous monoflap XC saddle that fits both the big guy's full figure and my monkey legs, and the most magical dressage saddle I've ever sat in. Seriously; get in touch with Alissa to sit in it. Pure. Magic.

I am beyond grateful for being a new part of the CWD team, and the amazing opportunities ahead.

With the official Florida countdown on the way, I want to give a giant shout out to everyone who has made the last season a success. A million and one thanks to the Effingham Effingfam and the world's best barn team; to old friendships that have grown even bigger and better, and new partnerships that are blossoming; I'm beyond lucky to have so many amazing people, horses and supporters in my life.

Thank you!

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